Review: Blackbrooke II: The Guardian by Emma Silver

Author: Emma Silver
Liberty’s fight continues.
After she had discovered the truth behind ‘walk outs’ in her hometown of Blackbrooke and forced to sacrifice her best friend, Liberty Connor thought she was finally free. 
But her nightmare was only just beginning.
Taken to the Institute, a research facility dedicated to Blackbrooke, Liberty finds herself under the watchful eye of sinister Blackbrooke guardian, Mr Jones. Things aren’t as they seem. Familiar faces provide little comfort, and she soon realises the Crits aren’t the only specimens under the microscope. 
Determined to escape, Liberty is once again plunged into a world beyond her comprehension. The one thing she knows for certain is: trust no one.
Friends become strangers, but help is at hand from unexpected quarters. Forced to confront her real enemy, Liberty is left with one familiar choice. 

I loved Blackbrooke when I read it and I didn’t think that the sequel could live up to my expectations. But, was I wrong or what? If possible this book is even better. There is more mystery, more thrill. It’s a page-turner and will have you on the edge of your seat, biting your nail and praying that there are no crits behind you. 
There are so many horrifying scenes in the book like Liberty’s nightmare. That was just plain disgusting and disturbing. I had to keep my kindle away then and focus on happy thoughts. It really freaked me out and so did the scene when Liberty and Denzil are in the Queen’s tunnel and they find out what the queen does to her prey. That actually gave me goosebumps. 
But the real villain of the book are not the crits but selfish humans who are worse than monsters. I hated Mr. Jones from the very first scene. He was cruel, evil and just sick. We learn all the rules that govern Blackbrooke and they are barbaric and I can’t believe that nobody had revolted against it before Liberty and gang.
There is less romance in the book but that didn’t bother me much. I was distracted by all that was happening. About halfway through the book Lib finds herself in a situation which is strange and challenges her reality. I was as confused as she was and it completely blew my mind. The ending was not what I expected. 
The book is well written and extremely entertaining with twists and turns. The characters show more depth and have more layers. They are also darker which is natural since they have all been through a hell lot. The mystery is applause-worthy. Kudos to Emma was creating an amazing novel. I hope that this series finds more readers because it really deserves that. Overall I definitely recommend the book. 
I want the third book now, if possible. I’m so worried about everyone. I hope Cassius doesn’t do what he is going to do because that would just end all possibility of any romance. I hope Gabriel and Denzil survive this.  I hope Liberty finds her happy ending.

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