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In the future, only one rule will matter:
Don’t. Ever. Peek 
Seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed — arrogant Jackson Locke, the most popular boy in her school. She expects instant execution or some kind of freak alien punishment, but instead, Jackson issues a challenge: help him, or everyone on Earth will die. Ari knows she should report him, but everything about Jackson makes her question what she’s been taught about his kind. And against her instincts, she’s falling for him. But Ari isn’t just any girl, and Jackson wants more than her attention. She’s a military legacy who’s been trained by her father and exposed to war strategies and societal information no one can know — especially an alien spy, like Jackson. Giving Jackson the information he needs will betray her father and her country, but keeping silent will start a war. 


I was a little confused in the beginning. There were too many details but not enough explanation but don’t give up on the book. Read on, it does get better. Once the story picks up there is no looking back. I got the book quite late for the tour and wasn’t really sure that I could do a review but once I started reading I was hooked. I needed to know what happened next and I need the next book in the series NOW!. Ahh……the ending. I have so many questions. Please Melissa, if you could send me the next book too I will be forever in your debt. I can’t stand not knowing!!! Okay, enough with my drama. 

Let’s talk about the characters. I loved Ari. She is smart, self-less, caring, kickass, so in short, she’s awesome. I am a little picky when it comes to female protagonists. I generally hate them and the whole “damsel in distress” stuff just gets on my nerve. So it’s refreshing to read about girls that can fight for themselves. Ari cared about people, even strangers. She risked her life to save them. How can you not like her? 
I thought that she made a brave choice when she decided to help Jackson and go against everything she believed in order to avoid a war that will just lead to destruction and loss of lives. I was really angry at Ari’s dad and Cybil. They were so arrogant that they refused to see reason.   They are complex characters and hopefully in the next book we will see a softer side to them. 

Jackson is an ancient. Humans are not allowed to see ancients but Ari sees him and it turns out that he needs her help to save humanity but for that she has to tell him secrets and lie to her father. Jackson was sweet, cute and totally swoon worthy. I think I have a crush on him. 
He genuinely cared about Ari and I am a little ashamed to say that I doubted him a little but I guess that just proves how invested I was in the story. 
I liked Lawrence too. He was a great friend and so was Gretchen. All the characters are well developed. I am excited to learn more about Zeus, who is the leader of the Ancients. I think he will quite a complex and interesting character. 

The plot is different and unique. Though I did feel that the romance was rushed. Ari fell for Jackson too soon. I liked the story, the characters and the writing. I definitely recommend it. READ IT!!


“I am absolutely, mind-bendingly 

in love with you. In every way. Every ounce of my body. My entire being…it belongs to you.”

He cradles my face with his hands and kisses me with such passion it takes my breath away. He pulls away and looks into my eyes. “ I’ve never been happier in my life than I am right now, here, with you.”

 “There is a lot of gray between life and death. Life isn’t worth living if you aren’t with the ones you love.”


Coach Sanders, our seven-foot, balding instructor, is standing beside the aerial mat. Aerial boxing is the one form of training in which size has no bearing. It’s all about speed and balance. Those who can control their bodies, win. Those who can’t, face plant on the mat. I’ve been in both positions.
“You know your order,” Coach says. “File into line with your opponent.”
I scan the crowd to find Jackson sitting on the ground. As the two top seeds, we’ll fight until the Engineers feel one of us is superior to the other. He spots me and winks. Fury lights up inside me, and I almost rush over and demand that he answer my questions. Instead, I stand my ground. It’s like I’m hunting an animal and have to be still so I won’t startle it. If only I didn’t have to wait until tonight to get answers. 
He leaps up and struts over to me. “Ready to eat mat, Alexander?”
What’s up with guys only using people’s last names? I roll my eyes. “Hmph, we’ll see.”
He smiles back, and my heart hits against my chest. He’s too tempting to be an Ancient. But maybe that’s how they all look—attractive yet lethal. My palms clam up. Then I hear my dad in my mind telling me to stop being stupid, to focus, to be what he raised me to be. Jackson leans down to put himself at my eye level, a sly smile on his face. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you win.”
“Alexander and Locke,” Coach yells before I can respond. “You’re up.”
I glare at Jackson before walking off. Gretchen grabs my arm as I go and whispers, “He’s tough. Fake a knockout if you have to.”
I shoot her an annoyed look. I may be small, but I’m strong. “ I’ve got this, Gretch,” I say

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  1. Ever since I read the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, I've loved books about aliens, so I think the concept for Gravity sounds amazing!! We need more alien books out there! 🙂

  2. This book sounds really intriguing and different than the books I've been reading so far. I'm excited aliens are popping up as characters in some books lately! Very cool!

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