Book Tour Review: The Rebel Princess

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Title: The Rebel Princess
Genre: Adult Romance
An insider’s
first-ever behind-the-scenes scoop on how movies are REALLY made: gritty,
grinding, tunnel-vision labor, back-stage intrigue, explosive dramas, parties,
and relationships that last a night or a lifetime.
Larger-than-life characters who live life with fervor, while contending with
their own inner demons and one another, all in the pressure cooker of a location
shoot in the exotic world of Mexico. This romp of a story follows the making of
a movie from pre-production through wrap.  A
hotly passionate love story and a murder elevate the stakes.
I don’t know much about the entertainment industry but because the author has spent over twenty years working with who’s who of the industry that I am going to tag the story as realistic. The cover looks extremely cool. The book, well, was not. To be fair, the it’s written pretty well. I am just not interested in the whole movie making process. I didn’t care for the details the author was giving out. And there were too many Details!
All the characters are interesting and well developed. 
Devena, the MC is independent, strong and fairly messed up. I liked her! 
She cares about her family and stays clear of any relationships, ever since Jason walked away. She is off to Mexico for the shooting of the movie, she is producing.
Sissley is Devena’s sister but she is shy and scared about not belonging. She just found out that the guy she loved and was engaged to was in fact, gay and decided to move to Mexico with her sister to get away from him and his memories.
Jason was someone who confused me from the beginning. I would have liked to see more of him. I wanted to see more romance.
Devena’s father is, again a complex character. I can see that he cares for his children but I have still not been able to make up my mind about him. 
I won’t call this a romance novel, though. It’s more of a story of a family moving on and growing up after losing someone whom they all loved and cared for. It’s a story which gives us a glimpse into the world of movies and entertainment.

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