Blogging Break!

My mid semester exams are beginning from Monday and will continue through the entire week. It’s gonna be  a tough. I have loads to study and I am really really scared. Like always, I wish I had studied before but I didn’t so you have to bear with me.
I won’t be updating my blog much this week. I am sorry. But right now,  my priority are my exams and it’s only for a week.

Don’t worry I will back soon and October is going to be so much fun. I have many awesome giveaways and blog tours coming up. I will also be participating in Sweet Evil Readalong hosted by Magical Urban Fanteasy Reads. Yay! I am so excited about it. The registrations are still open. Go sign up to join the fun. I have already read and reviewed the book but it’s soo so good that I just can’t resist an opportunity to read it again.

I also got some great books to review and I will get to them soon. Thanks for your support!

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