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of a swoon worthy hero.
Let’s begin with a six foot four inch
nicely filled out thirty something male who exudes confidence and swagger. His
muscle groups, from his abs to his biceps all rate a 10 plus. All the women at
the party watch him hoping he will look their way, but he pays them no mind because
his ice blue eyes are fixed on me—after all I am the heroine in this story.
The hero is Colby McQueen and I think I’m
already falling in love with him. My four year old daughter, Ella, wants him to
be her daddy, but we are keeping that a secret between the two of us. We don’t
want to scare the man off after a month of dating. I was so nervous the first time
he came over to the house for dinner and to meet Stella. She and I had changed our
outfits three times before finding the right one. When Colby came to the front
door, he had a bouquet of flowers for me and a smaller nosegay for Stella. As
if he understood that his size could intimidate a four year old, Colby crouched
down until he was eye to eye with Stella. She walked into his arms like she
belonged there.
As life would have it, I know a little
about imperfect heroes. For now, these are some of the qualities, I think a perfect
hero must have. First, a hero should
be strong mentally and physically—these qualities are non-negotiable. No matter
where Stella and I go with Colby, we feel perfectly safe with him at our back.
I know the world is changing and along with
it many social pleasantries have fallen by the way side, but show me a man who opens
doors for women or helps them on with her coat, like my Colby, and I’ll bet his
mama taught him everything about being a gentleman−even if he
only uses twenty-five per cent of what he knows. At least if we are ever
invited to the White House for dinner, Colby will probably know which
silverware to use with each course.
It is as important for our heroes to listen
as it is for them to speak. Men often run rough shod over women; interrupting
so they can voice their opinion which
they feel is more important. Colby hasn’t always been a good listener, but he
listens attentively now and asks me thought provoking questions. Everyone likes
to feel that what they say is important. Getting my hero’s respect makes me
feel worthy and valuable.
Heroes know they must make a commitment to help
the environment. Whether it’s putting home heating
and cooling systems on timers, or recycling bottles, glass and plastic, or
driving a smart car, heroes will carry through and inspire others to do the
same. Colby does all of these things except for the smart car.
Probably the most important quality a hero must
possess is honor. If a man is honorable, he is a man you can trust. If he makes
a promise to you, he will keep it. Knowing that if I need him, that Colby will
always be there for me has given me the courage to try new things and take
risks of my own. 
Kindness is important in our lives today.
We all need to experience the gift of human kindness; it needn’t be anything
more than a small gesture, but even a simple gesture can have a meaningful
impact on the recipient.  There is
nothing that warms me more than seeing a man walking down busy Michigan Avenue,
who comes across an elderly female who needs assistance. When I see him tuck
her hand over his arm and walk her across the street, I know I’ve seen my first “kindness” of the day. More
than likely my hero will score a few more before day’s end.
There are many more qualities that could
make the “swoon worthy” list, but for now I’ll stick with these and my hero,
Mentally strong
Physically strong
Sensitive to other’s feelings
Help the environment
March is summoned to an oceanfront estate in Massachusetts by the matriarch of
Atlantic-Hastings International where she is presented with a hefty block of
shares as amends for a crime committed against her family. The stock—worth
several million dollars—can give her the means to make her dream come true if
only she can muster the courage to break free from her past and believe in her
unique creative talent.
Hastings, son of Gabrielle’s benefactress, grudgingly agrees to take her under
his wing and acclimate her to Atlantic-Hastings.  Never one to mix business with pleasure,
Pierce stuns himself when he ignores his own self imposed rule. Gabrielle’s
complete lack of artifice, unvarnished honesty and quirky sense of humor are
intoxicating to him―and he’s rapidly becoming addicted. He’s blindsided when
Gabrielle confesses that, in spite of her growing feelings for him, she will
never fit into his world of power and privilege and has no desire to try.


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19 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Maybe Too Good To Be True!”

  1. Yes, a hero doesn't always have to have great muscles and gorgeous eyes, but I wouldn't mind that! LOL…you have listed superb assets which could define hero. I'll be interested to follow Gabrielle's story.

    jqrose02 at gmail dot com

  2. I agree with MomJane. Everything on your list, is what I want in a hero, even if it's only between the pages of a book.
    I had a lot of fun following your blog tour. I wish you continued success.


  3. Good morning,

    I am so glad to be here today. This is the grande finale of my month long tour to promote Maybe Too Good to Be True. What a fabulous place to finish!

    Any questions, fire away.


  4. Your post grabbed me right from the start as my hubby is six foot four and was thirty-something (34) when I first met him. He possesses many of those swoon-making qualities.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. Hi Catherine,

    My husband is 6'3" and played college football. He has many of the "swoon" qualities and honestly, he seems to be getting more of them as he grows up. Notice I didn't say "older."

  6. I loved your post! You really hit the nail on the head with the qualities of a swoon worthy hero. I can hardly wait to read your book and hear more about the story of gabrielle and pierce.

  7. Hmm I haven't heard of this before but now I definitely have to try it out! I definitely agree with everything she said! There are totally a ton of factors that go into a hero but a six four hunk helps too 😉

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