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The residents of Blackbrooke share their town with the Creatures, or Crits as they are known. Grotesque, roaming the streets at night looking for food, their presence means humans have to live by the Rules, keeping them indoors and forbidding them of basic desires.
The most important Rule? Don’t be a ‘walk out’!
Straight-A student, Liberty Connor, hates the Crits and the endless Rules she and her tight knit group of friends have to live by. Planning her new life on the Outside with her boyfriend, Gabriel, Liberty whiles away her days waiting to turn 18, so they can leave and be free. That is, until the world she thinks she knows begins to unravel. Her friends start to walk out. So she’s told. However, something’s not right. Things don’t add up. Liberty faces a race against time to discover what’s going on with the Creatures of Blackbrooke.
Is it them she has to fear, or something much closer to home?


Firstly, isn’t the cover just awesome? 
I loved this book! I don’t really read horror, but after this I want to read more of this genre. It’s fast, exciting and will keep you hooked.

Though, to be honest, it’s not all horror. There is a little of everything in the book, mystery, romance, fantasy you name it. 
Blackbrooke is a place which is haunted by monsters called Crits and people have to follow certain rules to keep themselves safe. The crits are described so well that I could almost imagine them. And, believe me it’s not pleasant. They are creepy and disgusting and really scared me. And I am sure that I will be having nightmares. *shivers*

The book is unpredictable. I had a lot of theories about what’s going to happen next but I was wrong every single time. The twists and turns had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Every chapter in the book ends on a note that you can’t help but turn the page and read on. It’s really difficult to put the book down. There were moments when I was actually shouting “NOOoo! This can’t happen!”
Liberty is the female protagonist. She is smart, brave and kick-ass. I really liked her. She reminded me of Katniss from Hunger Games.  She is loyal and self-less. 
Gabriel, her boyfriend, is cute and the scene where they make plans for their future is so romantic.
Cassius, is swoon-worthy. He was best friends with liberty when they were both young but with years they drifted apart. He is not your regular hero but he is everything that a guy need to be and more. 
I didn’t like Noah at first. I though he was shallow and rude but he turned out to be great. 
Gemma was fun and vivacious. She and Noah were perfect for each other.
Denzil is my favorite of them all. He is funny and interesting. 
“Bloody hell.” I pulled out the glass cleaner from the cupboard at my feet along with a cloth. “Denzil, are you high?” He grinned stupidly, “Might be.”
I liked all of them. They are all different and well developed characters. The writing is fast paced and plot is really interesting. I would suggest that you go ahead and buy this book, you won’t regret it! 
~Author Spotlight~
Emma Silver
Emma was born and raised in Manchester but now
resides in Liverpool.
Blackbrooke is her debut young adult horror novel after
spending many years honing her skills drafting short stories and devouring
horror through the ages from R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps collection through to
Stephen King.
Emma is also the author of a semi-biographical
account of her dad’s years in a rock band in the 1970s, Driving Exile.
Outside of her day job in public relations, Emma
has worked for a Manchester entertainment magazine, reviewing theatre shows
gigs and movies. She gets most of her ideas and is inspired by music
and also the fighting spirit of young people who aren’t afraid to challenge the
norm and stand up for what they believe in. This fleeting ‘moment’ in life is
what she tries to capture in her writing.
Follow Emma Silver:
                                  Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Emma_Silver

1. Who is your
favourite author? And why?
Would have to be R L Stine due to keeping me interested in books through
my childhood and early teens. Goosebumps books were my life before I graduated
onto Point Horror.
I still own some of his books and read them from time to time and I love
them. There’s just something so fun about the ‘scare’. You can tell he takes
great twisted pleasure in scaring kids and there’s something delightfully weird
about that.
2. If you
could have dinner with any one of your characters who would it be? And what on
earth would you say?
Oh wow. I feel like I should say Cassius because he’s so interesting and
has been through a lot growing up, however….I think a dinner with Denzil would
be the most fun! He’s just the right amount of zany to float my boat and I
can’t imagine there ever being a lull in the conversation. He was crazy in his
teens and twenties and I’d love to hear about that and all of the weird and
wonderful people he’s encountered being boss of souvenir shop, Tales from the
3. What
is your favourite part of the writing process?
It’s definitely the ‘creative’ part where you lose track of time and
write through the night until the sun comes up. It’s magical. There’s something
wonderful about reading the finished article as well. Editing is a bitch, I
won’t lie!
4. If you
could choose just one book to leave for future generations, what would it be?
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It has it all – fun, mystery, even
horror. Every time I read it, I find something new and interpret it
5. Name
your favourite bookish couple.
Aside from my own? I’m kidding! Randomly enough, I really like Alice and
Jasper from Twilight. Not sure why, I just got a good feeling from them when I
read the books. And like the rest of the YA book community, I really hope Patch
and Nora get the happy ending they deserve in the Hush Hush finale out this
year. Fingers crossed…
6. If you
could be any character from a book, who would you be?
Oh I’m really not sure. On one level it would be Katniss Everdeen
because she’s so gutsy and handy with a bow and arrow. However, wouldn’t it be
fabulous to be evil and get away with it? It would be great to be Jane from the
Volturi in Twilight. She’s wicked!

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  1. Thanks for the review and the interview. I'll TBR this! I, too, want to read more horror. A lot of it is, shall we say, gratuitous, but when you find good horror, it just goes and goes and goes! 😀

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