All The Wrong Reasons (Wrong Reasons, #1)

Irelyn’s life is headed in the right direction: College education, new friends, fantastic boyfriend. Her dream of writing romance novels isn’t too far out of reach. Her relationship with her family is good. And to top it all off, she’s positive her boyfriend is going to propose soon. Yes, life is wonderful. 
Until that night with Lucas changes everything.

Author: J.L. Paul 

I am so angry. I have this huge TBR pile and I wasted my entire day on this book. It was so not worth it! Urgh….                       

I can’t read this book anymore. I am at page number 80 and I am fed up with all the drama. 
My main problem with the book is the female protagonist Irelyn (what is the deal with her name?). She is a selfish, stupid and a big-fat liar. She doesn’t think about anyone other than herself. And yet, everyone seems to love her. When you don’t like the main character, it is really hard to like the book. I still tried.

In short, the plot is that, Irelyn cheats on her boyfriend(Dustin) then feels guilty and then cheats on him again. 
And she does this for almost the entire book (Atleast, for as long as I could bear to read it). 
Lucas is the guy she is sleeping with. He is supposed to be a one-night stand but she can’t control herself around him. (Really?) She doesn’t even have proper conversation with Lucas. Granted, he is hot with a sexy Australian accent but cheating is never cool and it makes me sad that books like this are trying to justify it.

At one point, when she thinks that she might be pregnant with Lucas’s child, she is ready to lie to her boyfriend and tell him that the baby is his. 


The book and the characters were really getting on my nerves so I decided to not read it any further. 
What surprises me is that the book has such a high rating. It even has a sequel. *breaks down and cries* 
Maybe, something is wrong with me.(I knew this day would come!) 
I liked thoughtless, so I assumed I would like this book too.(If you haven’t guessed, I didn’t)

P.S. I don’t like giving bad reviews. But I truly hated this book. 

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